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We have been ranked and rated as one of the Top Placement Agencies of India by career magazine. Jobs Vista has helped thousands of job seekers to upgrade their career. It is our firm belief that career and relocation options are available throughout the world.


Career management is not a single event; it is a part of your career journey. Just like a car, regular maintenance will help ensure a smooth ride. Our Senior Consultant is always available to assist you.


We understand you We deliver placements quickly We possess skills and experience We stand out from the crowd We will assist your career growth We will make your life easier

International Recruitment-How JobsVista services assist the Jobseeker

Established in 1993, KBS Consultants have built JobsVista as a Jobs Portal. JobsVista serves as consultancies in India for foreign jobs and International Placement Consultants in India.

JobsVista is where a jobseeker is looking for a Overseas Jobs Consultant in Chennai, India The experience of over 20 years has helped us to become leading international recruitment consultants in India. We work with clients spread across multiple locations in USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa, East Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, HongKong, Japan and others. Successfully filling up job vacancies and providing professional recruitment services to our esteemed clients in all over the world. Read this article

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Resume Writing Tips that Gets Jobs Interviews with MNCs -- Read More

First decide the information that you should provide to impress the potential employer. How to Convince that you are a worthwhile candidate to interview ? Understand the requirements for the position they are trying to fill. State the essentials. Don’t go overboard with redundancies. Avoid resume writing that is generic and boring. Try to think and believe that there is always room for improvement. Read More